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   is a pregnancy simulator, in which you are taking care of a pregnant woman and create your dream fetus.

What makes Fantastic Fetus unique?

  • The political topic of reproduction laws in Poland
  •  You can create unique fetuses
  • Three Languages, English, German and Polish
  • Tamagotchi pixel art style with four colors
  • Multiple endings depending on your choices
  • Ending with a thought-provoking twist

New edition!

What is new in the Fantastic Fetus: Prebirth edition?

  •  Desktop version of Fantastic Fetus (for 32 and 64 windows versions)
  •  Fetopedia (publication about the game)
  • Three types of wallpapers for PC and smartphone (pixelart and linocut style)
  • Emoticons based on Fantastic Fetus game

Fantastic Fetus is a pregnancy simulator in a Tamagotchi style, where you are taking care of a pregnant woman and create your own dream fetus with SUPERPOWERS. You as a player will be able to create an enormous number of unique customised fetuses and unlock 6 different endings according to your decisions.

Fantastic Fetus is inspired by the Black Protest movement in Poland which was provoked by the new proposition of reproductions laws created in 2016 - the anti-abortion bill. Polish reproduction laws are next to Malta the strictest anti-abortion laws existing in the European Union. This game will let you experience a female perspective.

You will find more information about the Polish situation at: strajkkobiet.eu lodzkiedziewuchy.org.pl/

Support women in Poland by donations: zrzutka.pl/akcje-i-dzialania-strajku-kobiet-mrsynp

Aleksandra Jarosz @AKJarosz - Game Designer

Michael Hartinger @Asebist - Music & Producer

Sebastian Merkl @Ancientpixel - Programmer

Thomas Feichtmeir @Cyangmou - Visual Artist, Additional Game Designer


Buy Now$3.00 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $3 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Fantastic Fetus Prebirth.rar 274 MB

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Is there a way to see the beginning scene again/reset the game fully?

Yes, but you would need to start a new game.


Well, that ending was a punch in the gut.


Wow, sorry... I hope your guts are fine again. ;)

Sadly I cannot install this - despite the .rar ending, the downloaded item pretends to be a Adobe Acrobat file, and I didn't figure out how to change it yet.

Hm... Have you tried win rar? 


lmao babies are ugly!!!!!

yep im afraid I have no idea how to use the browser to DL it either, its not like there is a link to a webpage with a dl button =(

(1 edit) (+1)

No worries! I shared this gif of how I get access to it via browser. Maybe it will be helpful to you. 

MalwareBytes detected a file called "payload.exe". What is it for?

This is nothing to worry about: As this is a webgame repackaged as exe, the payload file is part of google chromes v8 engine :) 


Hi! How do I download this? It doesn't seem to work in the itch client...


I think you have to download it from a browser!

Yeah but how do I do that? I got it in the Ukraine Bundle and I can't download on the page either...

Hey! Let me know if that was helpful. 





I hope it means that the game was fantastic. 

It was... interesting 😁


A very unexpected ending. Nice work.

Thanks a lot! :) btw, cute baby.