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   is a pregnancy simulator, in which you are taking care of a pregnant woman and create your dream fetus.

What makes Fantastic Fetus unique?

  • The political topic of reproduction laws in Poland
  •  You can create unique fetuses
  • Three Languages, English, German and Polish
  • Tamagotchi pixel art style with four colors
  • Multiple endings depending on your choices
  • Ending with a thought-provoking twist

New edition!

What is new in the Fantastic Fetus: Prebirth edition?

  •  Desktop version of Fantastic Fetus (for 32 and 64 windows versions)
  •  Fetopedia (publication about the game)
  • Three types of wallpapers for PC and smartphone (pixelart and linocut style)
  • Emoticons based on Fantastic Fetus game

Fantastic Fetus is a pregnancy simulator in a Tamagotchi style, where you are taking care of a pregnant woman and create your own dream fetus with SUPERPOWERS. You as a player will be able to create an enormous number of unique customised fetuses and unlock 6 different endings according to your decisions.

Fantastic Fetus is inspired by the Black Protest movement in Poland which was provoked by the new proposition of reproductions laws created in 2016 - the anti-abortion bill. Polish reproduction laws are next to Malta the strictest anti-abortion laws existing in the European Union. This game will let you experience a female perspective.

You will find more information about the Polish situation at: strajkkobiet.eu lodzkiedziewuchy.org.pl/

Support women in Poland by donations: zrzutka.pl/akcje-i-dzialania-strajku-kobiet-mrsynp

Aleksandra Jarosz @AKJarosz - Game Designer

Michael Hartinger @Asebist - Music & Producer

Sebastian Merkl @Ancientpixel - Programmer

Thomas Feichtmeir @Cyangmou - Visual Artist, Additional Game Designer


Buy Now$3.00 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $3 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Fantastic Fetus Prebirth.rar 274 MB

Development log


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I'm having trouble downloading the game. Please help me out?

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Do you use a browser to download the game?

I did try that but that didn't work either.


Loved the concept of this game! 

Thank you for making the video!


I am blown away by the presentation around this game. The itch page, the fetopedia, the links from within the game (I don't want to spoil anything). I love the way the themes are conveyed via the gameplay and I love how powerfully the message of the game is stated at the end. Bravo!


Hey, I'm glad that you enjoyed the ride. Thank you for all the possitive feedback!  Also, I'm sorry for not replying earlier, but apparently it slipped our attention. 


Is there a way to see the beginning scene again/reset the game fully?

Yes, but you would need to start a new game.


Well, that ending was a punch in the gut.


Wow, sorry... I hope your guts are fine again. ;)

Sadly I cannot install this - despite the .rar ending, the downloaded item pretends to be a Adobe Acrobat file, and I didn't figure out how to change it yet.

Hm... Have you tried win rar? 


lmao babies are ugly!!!!!

yep im afraid I have no idea how to use the browser to DL it either, its not like there is a link to a webpage with a dl button =(

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No worries! I shared this gif of how I get access to it via browser. Maybe it will be helpful to you. 

MalwareBytes detected a file called "payload.exe". What is it for?

This is nothing to worry about: As this is a webgame repackaged as exe, the payload file is part of google chromes v8 engine :) 


Hi! How do I download this? It doesn't seem to work in the itch client...


I think you have to download it from a browser!

Yeah but how do I do that? I got it in the Ukraine Bundle and I can't download on the page either...

Hey! Let me know if that was helpful. 





I hope it means that the game was fantastic. 

It was... interesting 😁


A very unexpected ending. Nice work.

Thanks a lot! :) btw, cute baby.